Algae-Matron 3000


Q: What is the Algae-Matron 3000?
A: The Algae-Matron 3000 is a machine that washes and dyes garments in the same cycle.

Q: Why should I get the Algae-Matron 3000 when I already have a washing machine?
A: The Algae-Matron 3000 is more than an ordinary washing machine; It's a way of life. It washes and dyes fabric, participates in a water recycling system that cleans wastewater whilst creating the dye, and reinforces a more sustainable lifestyle.

Q: I can’t fit an Algae-Matron 3000 in my home, what do I do?
A: Use an Algae-Matron 3000 through your local laundromat! Your dye settings can be sent to the machine through any smart device’s Bluetooth feature.

Algae-Matron Account

Q: Can I use the Algae-Matron 3000 without making an account?
A: You will not be able to create or send dye settings to the Algae-Matron 3000 without first making an account.

Q: How does use my account information?
A: Algae-Matron does not share your information with third parties. Any information collected is used solely for the purpose of personalizing your experience as much as possible.

Algae-Matron 3000

Q: How do I install the Algae-Matron 3000?
A: Simply email or call 1-800-GO-ALGAE to schedule an appointment, where a certified Algae-Matron technician will come to install your machine. You can also set up an appointment at any Algae-Matron Kiosk, located at the heart of all Algae-Matron Centers.

Q: Does the Algae-Matron 3000 use more water than a conventional washing machine?
A: Individual loads tend to be smaller but more frequent. While regular washing and dyeing with the Algae-Matron 3000 uses more water than conventional washing machines, we have come up with a way to combat that! Check out the “About Us” page where you will find our “Efficiency and Use” section.

Q: My Algae-Matron 3000 is not working properly. What do I do?
A: Email us at or call 1-800-GO-ALGAE. You can also receive a free consultation at your local Algae-Matron Center to diagnose any problems. A certified Algae-Matron technician will stop by your residence to service your machine at your convenience. If you would like to do the repair yourself and are in need of replacement parts, please visit to order them online, or visit the Algae-Matron Kiosk at your local Algae-Matron Center to purchase them in person! We aim to keep your Algae-Matron 3000 alive forever. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any questions!


Q: How do I send my dye and wash settings to the Algae-Matron 3000?
A: Make sure you are logged on to your Algae-Matron account, click on the configurator button and you will be walked through the process of creating the wash and dye settings for your clothes. Your settings can be sent wirelessly from your computer or mobile device to your Algae-Matron 3000’s LED control panel via WiFi.

Q: How do I change my dye settings?
A: Click on your garment in “My Closet”, and a dialog box will open that will allow you to change your dye settings. You may also go into the “Configurate” section to access your previously used dye settings, designer recommendations, personalized suggestions, and frequently used dyes based on your dye history. To select a new color, use the color picker tool.

Q: How long will the dye on my clothes last?
A: Algae-Matron dyes are not UV stable, meaning they will fade in the continual exposure to sunlight. The rate at which the dye fades depends on your lifestyle!

Q: Are Algae-Matron 3000 dyes safe?
A: Absolutely. All Algae-Matron dyes are derived from pigments produced by the algae Galdieria sulphuraria, which contains no toxic heavy metals and are safe to use. However, we do not recommend ingesting them!

The Algae-Matron Home Water Recycling System

Q: What are Algae Starter Culture Pods?
A: Algae Starter Culture Pods contain a pre-measured frozen pack of G. sulphuraria algae culture along with a section of hydrochloric acid that you can flush down the toilet to begin the process of water recycling.

Q: How do I know when to use my Algae-Matron Starter Culture Pod?
A: A monitor on your Algae Bioremediation Septic Tank measures the water level inside your tank and will notify you when to flush the Algae Starter Culture Pod down the toilet.

Q: Is the water in my Algae Bioremediation Septic Tank safe to drink?
A: The water in your Algae Bioremediation Septic tank is highly acidic, making it unsafe to drink. The G. sulphuraria algae biomass responsible for water bioremediation inside the tank requires an acidic environment in order to grow. The water will be safe to drink once it enters the water storage tank.

Q: How does the Algae Collection Truck recycle the water in my Algae Bioremediation Septic Tank?
A: The Algae Collection Truck will collect and separate the biomass and water from your Algae Bioremediation Septic Tank. A water purification checkpoint tank will neutralize and further filter the water before it enters into your Home Water Storage Tank.

Q: How often do I need to have an Algae Collection Truck retrieve my biomass and recycle my water?
A: The monitor on your Algae Bioremediation Septic Tank will notify you when your tank is near maximum capacity. Once you have received notification, simply log on to your Algae-Matron account and schedule a time for the Algae Collection Truck to come by.

Q: I live in a city and don’t have a septic tank. How will Algae-Matron recycle my water?
A: Your water will pass into the Algae-Matron Centralized Water Recycling System and be collected in your city’s water treatment plant, where the same process happening in the Algae-Matron Home Water Recycling System will happen, just on a larger scale.

Payment Plans

Q: Can I pay for an Algae-Matron 3000 and Algae-Matron Home Water Recycling System in installments?
A: Yes! Simply call one of our Customer Service representatives at 1-800-GO-ALGAE, or visit the Algae-Matron Kiosk at your local Algae-Matron Center. We’ll set you up with one of our monthly payment plans.

Q: I want to recycle my water, but I can’t afford to have my septic system replaced. What should I do?
A: Head to any bank partnered with Algae-Matron to see if you qualify for an Algae-Matron government funded loan. An investment in your future is an investment in ours.

Algae-Matron Center

Q: What is an Algae-Matron Center?
A: An Algae-Matron Center is a hub for physically purchasing a range of products either Algae-Matron specific or in collaboration with Algae-Matron 3000. The number of retail stores, the companies featured, and the designers featured vary, making each Algae-Matron Center unique. However, every Algae-Matron Center features a “You X Algae-Matron 3000” retail store and is equipped with an Algae-Matron Kiosk.

Q: What is the Algae-Matron kiosk?
A: Located at the heart of each Algae-Matron Center, the Algae-Matron Kiosk provides a range of services related to Algae-Matron products. Any question regarding the Algae-Matron revolution, including how to join, can be answered here, face-to-face. You can have a free 3D body scan done and linked to your account to further personalize your Algae-Matron experience. In addition, you can pick up spare parts for your machine as well as refill and recycle cartridges.

Q: Who determines the number of retail stores, the companies featured, and the designers featured at my local Algae-Matron Center?
A: You! The number of retail stores is determined by the population size and density of your area. Typically the number of stores ranges from 5-10 per Algae-Matron Center. The companies featured in those spaces, along with the designers featured within that company, are chosen by you as well. Voting for featured companies happens every three years, while voting for featured designers happens seasonally.

Q: What is the “You X Algae-Matron 3000” store?
A: The “You X Algae-Matron” store is the space for independent collaborators to sell their work. Anyone can collaborate, but these stores usually include freelance artist and designers and grant funded students. With space for around six collaborators and seasonal rotations in each store, we want anyone and everyone to have the opportunity to join us.

Q: Who runs the “You X Algae-Matron 3000” store?
A: Essentially, the Algae-Matron community! After prospective collaborators submit their designs, the Algae-Matron community and a panel of judges representing the fashion design, garment manufacturing, and textile design industries vote on who wins and where they will be featured!

Q: Where can I find an Algae-Matron Center near me?
A: Simply enter your zip code into the Find an Algae-Matron Center Near Me bar and the closest Algae-Matron Centers will appear.

Algae-Matron Community

Q: I want to design a line for Algae-Matron. How do I collaborate?
A: Algae-Matron offers anyone the opportunity to design their very own line, which would go on sale at the “You X Algae-Matron 3000” store located in every Algae-Matron Center. Visit the “Collaborate” section of the website, email or call 1-800-GO-ALGAE for more information!

Q: What are DIY Dye points?
A: Every time someone downloads a tutorial, pattern, or color you have submitted you earn DIY Dye points. These points can be applied towards purchasing new cartridges and other Algae-Matron products.

Q: How do I submit a DIY Dye?
A: Log on to your Algae-Matron account, and go into the Algae-Matron Community section (located in “E-Shop”) to find out more!