Algae-Matron 3000

How to Collaborate

We want to work with you! Algae-Matron’s “You X Algae-Matron 3000” is our space for collaboration. You X Algae-Matron 3000 offers four opportunities per store, per year to feature your designs in ALL Algae-Matron Centers nationwide! Simply submit your design and wait as the Algae-Matron community and a panel of judges representing the textile design, garment manufacturing, and fashion design industries vote on who wins. If you win, you are given the opportunity to have your very own designs manufactured and sold!

Who can apply?

Anyone! If you have an interest in collaborating with us, we consider you a designer!

Here's how it works:

Create a line featuring to 6-10 fashion illustrations.
Save your illustrations as a PDF
Email your submission to Make sure to provide your name and phone number in the email so that we can contact you! We will upload your submission the “You X Algae Matron 3000 Design Forum” so the judges and your fellow Algae-Matron community members can vote on a design.
Calls for submissions and notifications of winners for the “You X Algae-Matron 3000” will occur on the following dates:
Submission Dates: January 1st, April 1st, July 1st, October 1st
Winners Announced: January 31st, April 30th, July 31st, October 31st
These dates will be the same for the “You X Algae Matron” design opportunity every year.

Algae-Matron 3000 Grant

The Algae-Matron 3000 Grant in 2050 aims to provide funds for students pursuing innovative applications of the Algae-Matron 3000 to the world around them.
Email for more details!

CV: Some of our collaborators

Dulce & banana
Georgina Armani
Stoner Island/ CB Company
Thom Brownee
Comme des Filles
Louis Mitton
Kate Clover
Yonna Caran Newark
Bark Jakobs
Becky Johnson
Dory Burnch
Wara Veng
Anna Oui
Moist Couture
Tom Burtoon
Agnes Martini
Zayoi Kusana
Nei Kawakaboo
Ayy MeiMei