Algae-Matron 3000

The Algae-Matron 1000 was invented by art students Mary Paris, Rosaline Rust, Cindy Tanaka, and Able Lirchner in collaboration with mechanical Engineer Roy Huvver and scientist Kasey Lightyear in 2031, funded by Lenard Dicapriolio’s Cultural Creation Grant. The updated Algae-Matron 3000 was released in 2035, with the opening of its first partner store, Tammy Hildiger. With more and more companies collaborating with us, the first Algae-Matron Center opened in 2040. A year later, the government subsidized the Algae-Matron 3000, allowing for greater accessibility to the people of the United States. Over the next 16 years, almost all apparel production and consumption shifted to fit the Tammy Hildiger model; in addition many independent designers consulted with Algae-Matron. As it’s popularity grew, we realized we needed a more efficient way to make the algae pigment and be more sustainable in the water usage. In 2046 we began developing our Water Recycling Center, consulting with the best scientists and engineers to make our vision possible. The next four years were spent perfecting the system until it was launched in 2050. Our first centralized water recycling system was implemented in San Fransisco; while our Algae-Matron Home Water Recycling System, operating with the same process was tested in 100 homes. While the infrastructure in our centralized model is essentially the same, the water treatment facility destination has changed completely. Our home model requires an entirely new septic system. Now we know this isn't easy but it is an investment we trust. For the past ten years we have worked tirelessly to make our water recycling system more accessible, reaching to more than 25 cities and hundreds of thousands of homes, but we promise we are not stopping here. This is the beginning of a new way of life.

The Algae-Matron 3000 is powered by solar energy. It recycles your wastewater through a closed water purification system dependent on the algae Galdieria sulphuraria. Your water and energy usage per washing and dyeing cycle will depend on the size of your load. The Algae-Matron 3000 Stainless Steel Drum has a weight sensing function that will optimize the amount of water and dye needed each cycle based on the users selected settings. Our machine typically uses about 7-10 gallons of water to wash a pound of clothes and 3 gallons of dye to color your clothing. The Algae-Matron 3000 requires smaller loads with longer cycles and typically more loads per person, this means more water in general. Because the machine uses dye grown by algae, it requires a lot of G.sulphuraria, which means it needs a lot of food! Our solution: Algae-Matron Home Water Recycling System. The system uses the carbon from your wastewater, including the wastewater from the Algae-Matron 3000, as a food source for the algae. Both growing the algae and cleaning the water, utilizing G.sulphuraria’s bioremediation properties. The water goes through a purification system and is put back into a clean water storage tank where it is ready to be used again in that home. The algae biomass is then taken an Algae-Matron Lab where it the pigment is extracted and turn into the same dye used by the machine! Wastewater from homes connected to water treatment centers goes through the same process at said water treatment center, just on a larger scale!